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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back online

Guess what?
I'm Back online.
After like 1 year stop blogging? i got too bored (cause got banned of games) so i decided to go back blogging.
cut the crapz ZZ
This is my new url

Saturday, November 15, 2008

第五周全国国民型华文中学领袖培训营 Day 3

Day 3

Early in the morning, woke up same like day 2 but today no morning exercise... haha

8 o clock we left INTI International College towards Batu Maung , West Coast of Penang. We're going there to build sand castles... heh i never built 1... was so exciting!

We went there to inspect their beaches ^^ and wow the scenary was fascinating! I didn't know penang got such a nice beach!

I didnt bluff u want jor... 0.0

Here's my beloved Group D !
Group D before the castle....

Woosh! Work harder!
What am I doing? lol apeice of advice, plan plan plan before u do things... or u will end up like the guys standing there, confused lol XD

Group D With the castle..
So nice eh.... Brings me back to the memory ilse, how i wish i get lost in there

Happy Family!

On the Bus after Sand castle.
Although our sand castle turned out to be quite bad... haha but it's most beautifull inside me
It's made out from pure care and teamwork among our group! Its an experience i would not like to forget! Satisfaction can be so pure!
At about 1 o'clock, we had lunch at this restaurant, which is just beside San Poh Temple.

At about 2 pm we went to batu maung's War Museum. Not quite much to see really...

The Entrance

I just like this sign board... lol
Erghh! i nearly got attacked by red ant on that day. 0.0 it gives me the creeps when i think about it. I still remember that my friends joked on me telling me then theres still lots of ant behind me. Then they start hitting my back hardly. Haha never mind lar in exchange with good memories, and a way that YOU GUYS can easily remember me as '红蚂蚁' I'm happy.

Mr. Blah-blah-blah ---- Our renjer in-charge for that day.. (Sorry XD)

Next, We go to Khoo Kongsi!
A nice place, Everythin printed in gold... I'm very ashamed that this is the 1st time i come to Koo Kongsi... haha Nevermind... i learn losts of things AGAIN.

The Big Board!

My 2 Friends there in..... 0.0 ( Pek Yee and Amanda )
I took for them this picture then......

They took for us!
Chung Ling Kia in Khoo Kongsi!

We went to penang road to get some local favourites..... and hah aint the price high?
high in penang but cheap in KL.
I ate Cendol, not bad nia but still quite expensive. But its so nice to see friends from other states liked it ^^. I guess its nice anyways.

After the trip.....

wooo Sleep!! Everyone got tired and slept! weeeee

I didnt sleep but talked with my friends in the bus.. heh I'm strong... lol

Night time... had a funny presentation lol
hey Leader! remember its not your fault!
Omg lar i go to stage and became a girl... walaue.... Damn funny.
Kinda think of it.. i Long time no cho siao until like that le. Thnx again for the memory Guys!

after that...
As midnight aproaches...


Everyone went hell mad... Dancing singing..... partying...
As the music keeps going.... we party like siao, like no tomorrow! Everyone like become drunk liao, high all night.. Without music also can sing wan... lol!
And then...

Teachers gone wild? 0.0 the teachers all very sportng.. come out to sing haha!
Nice eh?

Some photos about the madnesss during that time.

Everyone went around shaking hands with teacher, hugging with friends.
Tears dropped as everyone knew that tomorow is the last day..
The party lasted till 3 Am. wow
Although whole day activity liao but still can last so long, I am even stronger! lol!
Before going back, Jia hua was again elected to give a speech at the closing ceremony,
and WE (chung ling-ans) decided to 'Help' him preparing his speech.

Jia Hua at 4am.... (not looking at the camera)

It was a fun night, We party with no regrets, we party like there's no tomorrow. We party like mad. Unforgetful event.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

第五周全国国民型华文中学领袖培训营 Day 2

ERGHH!!!! day 2 all Seminar.. So dont have photos... lol ssry!
Starting from 5 am,everyone woke up just to take a bath... image 75 boys for only 2 bathrooms. lol !
6.30 am everyone went to go do tai chi, lead by the master of the camp 0.0
So lame eh.... but actually i enjoyed it ^^

After our breakfast at 7, we sat for the 1st seminar------‘ 环形心中的巨人’
Lol and everyone was motivated by the speaker... cool eh?

after a short break at 10.30, we moved ahead to our next seminar, which is ‘马来西亚发展史’haha poor Adiran! The sepaker made him promised to donate 1million to his high school when he's sucessfull. I hope he still remembers that ! XD after the seminar, i realise that everyone chinese have to mantain chinese high school by contributing everything u have for our next generations. This is an important task for everyone and i hope when I am old, I can still see CLHS still standing strong!

Later at 2pm was a seminar with the title ‘生命的色彩-----后起之秀’
the tiltle chio eh... lol so nice
It was a very touching seminar/ talk. We learn how to cheerish every moments in life because lightning never strikes twice. The 4 days 3 nights camp is over, and will never return....
and yeah... during this seminar, I was the MC for the ending part. I was so nervous... and hell was i sweating. Thanks to all my friends (Tian Yun, Fish, Group D and my Chung Ling-ans) I did it! I didn't faint on stage lol... that was my 1st time being a MC. lol not like my other peer like khai teng, adrian and many more. This was the 1st timie and will always be in my mind.
The speaker was 刘子贤. A very famouos human being in NTV7, and quited hs job to become a nutrition. Had cancer 5 years ago and now is completed healled and travels alot.
everyone went up to him just to get his autograph! yeng man! like super star!

5.oclock was another LDK. This time everyone drew somthing and wear it on top of their heads. From this activity, i know my groupmates better. and some, with family problems. I so wish i could help. 0.0 at here i noticed her beauty.

Next is seminar 4 ---- 牺牲享受,享受 牺牲。This seminar... no comment. I quite hate it Everything damn fake, i heard this the second time le. If anyone wanna know please add me in hotmail and ask me.

Weee night time... Sleep sleep

第五周全国国民型华文中学领袖培训营 Day 1


See the title also know its fun lar

Truely, i've never been to a camp such meaningfull as this

Erghh! Reach Inti International collage at 2.30 pm.
I'm sorry i was the last one to reach, lol
Everyone (as in chung lingans) waited me hahaha

Chung Ling kia's Veined before we go into the room.

from Top Left: Wei Sheng, Jia Hwa and Eric
from Middle Left: Khai Deng, Yi Khai and me!( I look stupid 0.0 )
from bottom left: Lead Kert and Brendon

waited till 4.30 for tea break. then a speech is given by the master of camp in the lecture hall.
He's so strict 0.0 scared scared nia. All participants must be not late, must not use the elavator ( Zzz omg we need to run 5 level of stairs eeveryday! ) no jeans! 0.0 and many more.

At 1st i though i was in hell. haha But it ended up that i like the camp very much.
5.30 pm, Ice Breaking Seccion!

It's not quite like ice breaking... coz u get to know 3 frens nia, lame lor haha

Later, after dinner everyone did the 性格大考验 and i was 金色
Heng nia. most of the hall all was this colour too. I guess 'great minds think alike' lol just jokking.....

At about 12pm, everyone went to bed. This is a picture of my roomates !

Everyone getting ready to sleep. I'm in the same room with my Melaka friends, and Johor friends. Cool eh? i met lots of new buddies that have the same similarities like me ^^

oh yeah... Didnt i tell u guys that we werent suppose to open the plastic cover of our cushions? I guess not, well. we werent and guess wat? All of us ( chung Ling -Ans) tore all of our plastic cover . haha Everyone tearing of cushions caused us to pay Rm40 as a penalty. LOL bad day huh? but luckily, we met our teacher and we explained to her. Finally she say that she except our appologise and we dun need to pay the fine! so good lar her ^^

Friday, November 7, 2008

Some Photos

These are some photos of the camp!

Mr. Leong... Taking attendence at schopol before taking off to air itam dam!

BIG GROUP PHOTO : taken by me!

Macro taking! its so nice..

Alert! Chung Ling students lying around empty parking lots in the middle of the night~!

A picture of partiipants walking by the air itam dam

Eric Tan in stupid balls...

Another group photo! chung ling kia only!

Soo Liang got veined with a cat 0.0

Big Family sleep- Hug! (This is not a gay picture 0.0)

My room mates: ( From left: John, David, Eric, Alex and me !)
Another scenery by the Air Itam dam

John, Jason and Timothy sang-ing

Kay Yam Picked up unused BN flags as rubbish..... ( showing it to everybody )

Our Organiser/ Tutor! ( What's his name again... lol)

Chung Ling Kia Group Photo again, ( before the hike)

O....o....O Balik Kampung.... Everyones seems to feel better in home than in the camp, although the dome were air- conditioned.

Gila-gila in the bus!

Anther Chung Ling Kia photo before back!
Kay Yam picture with the bus!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Damn gay man... Damn gay..
Ok, ok... the whole camp is about getting everyone together from different races and religeon.
And yes its suposed to build up our 'relationships' but in the end, it turn out to be an racist camp 0.0

Now, everyone hate 'them' even more lar...
Dunno why, we cant get together. When we worked together, everything fails.
So everyone decided to let them do by themselves and we as a 'sang participater'
The whole camp.... walao so absent wan.....
The time slotting very bad...
Half day nothing to do, idle. Its bit waste of time but the accomodation was damn good

I've never been to a camp with air-conditioned domes... haha

Poor Ah Lee get perli with another girl from SMK Air Itam. Nvm i'll let the pictures talk! XD

Danm lar

today dunno y, picture cant upload, will upload tomorrow ^^ as for now bb

Monday, September 8, 2008

Late Post

Hey guys,
I did a late post today, coz i'm going to depart to a 3 day 2 nights camp XD

I'm going there as a photographer XD

yes, that's sad, i can't participate in the fun and games, will update u all with pictures of it ! XD

Swimming, A terrific sport for body building!

Ha... As guys know, i'm getting fat, my parents told me to pick up an extreme sport, and i contnued swimming trainning! and yeah.... i join pisa swimming team. Shit me up for that. haiz

Damn! I Mean WTF ! my stmina dropped like hell and the training was like so tuff.
I thought i died after the training!
i slept like a dead bear after the training, which is from 4 till 7pm yesterday.
when i woke up today, and damn my whole body was in pain! haha

Its like so tourturing after stopping swimming training for at least 1.5 years.
but, everyone is six pax over there so... this is the price that u had to pay......
I wish that I can get used to my trainning and become a better man XD
Wish me gud luck!
As for now, i gtg sleep liao. tomorrow going for camp, will be back till Thursday.